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Single use plastic bags given by merchants are produced in 1 second, are used for about 20 minutes on average by consumers before taking 400 years to vanish in nature.

Plastic shopping bags are hard to recycle. Since they are very lightweight, they tend to be easily blown by the wind, and we find them everywhere in natural habitats: fields, rivers, mountains, and oceans, where they contribute to the degradation of nature and landscape.

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are the 3 numbers at the origin of  SAKSAC.

For many years now, many of us think about bringing reusable shopping bags to the grocery store to hold our purchases. Unfortunately, we still have the tendency to use single usage plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable department.

The SAKSAC reusable Li'l Bags are The Solution. These durable and washable bags will last for years. After only 5 usages, your Li'l Bags already have a positive impact on the environment.

Eco-Sensible people, Act now to make a change!

Buy your Li'l Bags for fruits, vegetables, and bulk products.

Note: In the shipping parameters, you can choose to get your Li'l Bags in Canada, USA and France. If you are elsewhere on the planet, please contact us by e-mail, and we will make an arrangement.

For those choosing in-store pickup, we have 1 drop-off point  in Montreal. Please contact us by e-mail, and we will make an arrangement.